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Efficient SiC Molded Modules For EV Traction Inverters

Efficient SiC Molded Modules For EV Traction Inverters

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Achieves industry-leading power density by integrating 4th Generation SiC MOSFETs in a compact package, setting a new standard in the electric vehicle market with innovative, efficient, and compact powertrain solutions.

ROHM has introduced four new models in the TRCDRIVE pack series, featuring 2-in-1 SiC molded modules optimized for electric vehicle (xEV) traction inverters. The series includes two 750V-rated models (BSTxxxD08P4A1x4) and two 1,200V-rated models (BSTxxxD12P4A1x1). These modules are designed to support up to 300kW and address key challenges in traction inverter design, such as miniaturization, higher efficiency, and reduced installation time.

As the automotive industry moves towards electrification to achieve a decarbonized society, there is a pressing need for more efficient, compact, and lightweight electric powertrain systems. SiC power devices, recognized for their potential to reduce power loss, have faced challenges in achieving these goals due to size constraints. This pack addresses these issues with a unique structure that maximizes heat dissipation area, thus enabling a smaller, more efficient module. The modules incorporate the company’s 4th Generation SiC MOSFETs, which feature low ON resistance. 

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The key features include:

  • Achieves industry-leading power density, 1.5 times higher than standard SiC molded modules
  • Significantly contributes to the miniaturization of xEV inverters
  • Features control signal terminals with press-fit pins
  • Simplifies the installation process
  • Reduces the time required for connection
  • Achieves low inductance (5.7nH)
  • Utilizes a two-layer bus-bar structure
  • Minimizes losses during switching

The company has also established a mass production system for these modules, allowing for a production capacity increase of 30 times compared to conventional SiC case-type modules. Samples of the modules can be requested from the company’s sales representatives or via their website. The product line is expected to expand by March 2025 to include 12 models with various package sizes and mounting patterns. The modules are scheduled for availability in June 2024 at an OEM quantity price of $550 per unit (excluding tax). The company provides extensive application-level support, including in-house motor testing equipment, simulations, and thermal design resources to facilitate quick evaluation and adoption. Evaluation kits for double-pulse testing and 3-phase full bridge applications are also available, enabling assessments under practical inverter circuit conditions.

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Efficient SiC Molded Modules For EV Traction Inverters
Efficient SiC Molded Modules For EV Traction Inverters

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