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Compact Capacitors For 450V Use

Compact Capacitors For 450V Use

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The capacitor technology provides efficiency and enhanced safety for high-voltage applications, making it suitable for upgrading various electronic devices.


TDK Corporation has launched the EPCOS B43659 capacitor series, the latest in snap-in aluminium electrolytic series. These components are designed for 450 V (DC) applications and have a high CV product. They retain the functionalities and applications of their predecessors but have smaller dimensions, ranging from 22 mm x 25 mm to 35 mm x 50 mm (D x H), with capacitance values between 140 µF and 1030 µF. Both standard two-terminal versions and three-terminal versions are available for installation accuracy.

Key performance features include a maximum ripple current capacity of 7.01 A at 120 Hz and +60 °C, with a lifespan of at least 2000 hours at temperatures up to +105 °C. These capacitors are suitable for various applications, including switched-mode power supplies, frequency converters, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), medical equipment, and solar inverters.

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The newly designed capacitors feature an ultra-compact structure, with diameters ranging from 22 to 35 mm and lengths up to 100 mm. They are engineered to maximise energy density within a voltage range of 400 to 500 V DC, offering a 20% increase in capacitance compared to previous models. This enhancement contributes to their high energy density and high ripple current capability.

In terms of construction, these capacitors benefit from in-house developed anode foils, which are equipped with long-life oxide to increase their surface area significantly. This design not only improves performance but also ensures robustness. Additionally, they include an overload protection feature through a pressure relief device located on the base, enhancing their safety and durability.

The capacitor’s construction features an aluminium case insulated with a PET sleeve; however, the bottom of the can lacks an insulation sheet. It includes snap-in solder pins that secure the component on the PC board, and the minus pole is marked on a shrinking sleeve but is not insulated from the case. For safety, overload protection is provided by a pressure relief device on the base. Additionally, these capacitors can be requested with lengths up to 100 mm to accommodate specific design needs.

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Compact Capacitors For 450V Use
Compact Capacitors For 450V Use

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