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Cleaning And Cooling The Air With Karban Airzone

Cleaning And Cooling The Air With Karban Airzone

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An air-purifier, a fan, and lights—all in one modern chandelier-style appliance! Karban’s bladeless fans, Karban Airzone, with air purification systems offer just that.

Jaipur-based startup Karban Envirotech Pvt Ltd is transforming the consumer appliance market with its bladeless fans that have built-in air purification and lighting systems.

Karan Bansal, Founder (right), and Tanya Goyal, Co-founder (left), displaying their product

Founded in December 2021, Karban, named after founder Karan Bansal, has designed and manufactured a bladeless ceiling fan with a built-in air purifier and lights. The startup has a unique design that helps reduce electricity consumption and provides multi-utility air flow, air purification, and lighting for homes, offices, hotels, and restaurants, among others.

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In October 2021, Bansal left his cushy job at a company that designs computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software in Wisconsin to evaluate the growing air pollution problem back home.

Initially focused on outdoor air pollution solutions, Bansal soon realised the limitations of this approach and shifted his focus to indoor air pollution solutions, coming up with the design of a bladeless ceiling fan. Within 18 months, Bansal and his co-founder Tanya Goyal were ready with the final product and began commercialisation with initial sales to friends, family, and website visitors for testing and feedback collection.

The product, Karban Airzone, integrates multiple functions (air purification, fan, lighting) into one product, aiming to reduce material, energy, and packaging costs of multiple devices.

It addresses indoor air pollution continuously while providing functionality as a fan. The product targets both households and commercial settings, offering safety benefits and space optimisation.

Bladeless fans, though uncommon, are not new. With a mixed-flow impeller or a crossflow blower to draw air from one side and discharge it from the other, the blower’s blades rotate, creating a vortex within itself. This pulls air from one side and expels it from the other, creating a directional airflow system, enclosed within a casing.


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Cleaning And Cooling The Air With Karban Airzone
Cleaning And Cooling The Air With Karban Airzone

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