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A Cloud-Based Approach To Build Better Batteries

A Cloud-Based Approach To Build Better Batteries

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oorja Energy Pvt Ltd, a startup based in Bengaluru, specialises in developing software for designing, testing, and monitoring batteries post-deployment.

Founded in 2022 by Vineet Dravid, Prajakta Sabnis, and Prashant Srivastava, oorja Energy merges physics and data with machine learning, simplifying the entire process of designing and testing batteries. Vineet explains that ‘oorja’ means energy in Hindi, making it a fitting name as their software tool aids companies in designing better batteries.

The startup asserts its pioneering role in developing this technology. It provides a cloud-based approach, ensuring easy access to its tools for users. This is particularly important for addressing computationally intensive tasks, like simulating real-world scenarios for vehicles or stationary batteries, without needing costly hardware. According to them, this innovative method saves time and money, differentiating it in the industry, as no other entity is currently providing hybrid (physics+ML) simulation technology.

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Vineet further explains that oorja’s focus is on four key aspects of battery pack design: safety, durability, performance, and cost. “Our goal is to support OEMs in creating battery packs that are safe, long-lasting, and cost-effective, ensuring they perform reliably even in challenging environments. We assist OEMs in avoiding problems such as rapid battery degradation due to improper charging practices, which is particularly important as warranties for EVs are becoming more extensive, with some countries offering warranties of up to 12 years,” he explains.

The startup targets original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the automotive sector, including car and truck manufacturers and companies in the drone, energy storage, two-wheeler, and three-wheeler industries. They also target any sector that uses batteries. They assert that their process significantly speeds up design, reducing the typical 12-month timeframe by 60%.


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A Cloud-Based Approach To Build Better Batteries
A Cloud-Based Approach To Build Better Batteries

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