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2026 Genesis Electrified G80 grows wheelbase, digital screen

2026 Genesis Electrified G80 grows wheelbase, digital screen

  • Genesis’ midsize electric luxury sedan has grown longer
  • The Electrified G80’s extra length goes to the rear seat for a more spacious and luxurious experience
  • Refreshed Electrified G80s will arrive in the U.S. as 2026 models

The Genesis Electrified G80 is one of the better electric vehicles in the midsize segment, despite not being based on a dedicated EV platform.

Now Genesis has further improved things with a round of updates that enhance the luxury and refinement of the Electrified G80. It’s the first update since the electric sedan’s 2023 model year arrival.

Unveiled on Thursday at the 2024 Busan auto show in Korea, the updated Electrified G80 boasts a wheelbase that’s grown by about five inches, bringing the length to approximately 123.6 inches. This has resulted in extra space for rear-seat passengers. Genesis said it also made changes to reduce noise levels.

Another key change is the introduction of a single 27-inch display comprising both a digital gauge cluster and touchscreen infotainment system. This display is also being introduced to the gas-powered G80, and replaces the current design which uses two separate displays. New luxury features like a pushbutton system for closing the doors, executive-style rear seats with leg rests, a rear-window curtain have also been added. Those items normally are reserved for luxury sedans priced higher than the Electrified G80’s $80,000 bracket.

2026 Genesis Electrified G80 (Korea spec)

On the outside, the designers added a revised front end, new dish-style 19-inch wheels, an electronically controlled charging port cover, and headlights with micro lens array technology. The technology employs thousands of tiny lenses to focus the light emitted from an LED, producing brighter, more homogenized illumination.

No change was mentioned for the powertrain. The Electrified G80 at present is powered by a dual-motor all-wheel-drive powertrain delivering 365 hp. An 87.2-kwh battery is fitted as standard, and is estimated by the EPA to deliver a range of 282 miles.

Genesis has confirmed the updated Electrified G80 will be available for the 2026 model year in the U.S., which means a showroom arrival sometime next year is likely. Specifications for this market will be announced at a later date.

Genesis also used the Busan auto show to present the X Gran Racer Vision Gran Turismo, a concept of a hypercar with track use in mind. While there aren’t plans for a production hypercar in Genesis’ near future, the brand is developing its performance cars. They’re being developed by the recently established Magma sub-brand, and Genesis has hinted at both the gas-powered G80 and Electrified G80 eventually being given the Magma treatment.

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2026 Genesis Electrified G80 grows wheelbase, digital screen
2026 Genesis Electrified G80 grows wheelbase, digital screen

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